ABOUT Becky Glover


Becky is a Registered Nurse for the Scottsdale Ketamine Clinic.

She started in healthcare in 2003 working as a Claims Analyst. While in this role, she worked behind the scenes with doctors and nurses which inspired her to return to school and seek her Nursing degree. She worked in multiple roles in nursing as she was studying for her degree which gave her a deeper understanding of the different aspects being a caregiver. She was also raising a family and had a houseful of small children while attending Nursing School. She earned an Associate of Liberal Arts degree, an Associate in Nursing Degree, and a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Northern Arizona University.

Becky started her career working in a Neuro Progressive care unit where she developed a more well-rounded understanding of the challenges associated with diagnoses such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Pain. She has oft experienced frustration and sadness when confronted with the limited ability of modern medicine to help those that suffer from these conditions.

She is excited to be able to restore hope to those who suffer and help them on their path to true, long-lasting wellness.