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Here at the Scottsdale Ketamine Clinic, we provide IV infusions as a simple outpatient procedure in private treatment rooms.  We strive to provide a climate of support, relaxation, safety and understanding. Our offices are conveniently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At Scottsdale Ketamine, we use our clinical experience to utilize therapies that are supported by evidence-based clinical studies.  We have developed protocols for treatment to serve as guidelines in our clinic. We do realize that everyone is different so your treatment will be customized to your unique needs. Some patients will experience relief as fast as in 1-2 treatments.  Other patients need longer.

In order to determine if this treatment is appropriate for you, we will start with a free of charge 20-minute evaluation.  This is so we can understand your experience with your current diagnosis and a brief medical history. After this, will do an extensive review of your current health status including medical records. We would also like to contact your other providers, pain specialist and counselor/therapist. After this is complete, we will create a course of treatment for you that best suits your needs.

Treatments are typically a series of low dose IV infusions administered over several days depending on your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms. Sometimes they are daily, sometimes they are every other day.  You will be closely monitored by one of our specially trained personnel during your treatment.   You will receive the highest standard of care and will be closely monitored throughout the entire treatment.

It is our sincere desire to provide you with the best experience.  We will manage your treatments according to the relief of your symptoms.  Ketamine infusions are not a CURE but they have been proven to provide relief of many symptoms.  Again, the relief of symptoms is highly variable between individuals.  It is our goal to assist you in becoming the healthy person you desire to be.

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